15 Sabyu


Matt Sablan

"Wave's Mist"


Q1. What made you start your music?



I remember growing up around music whether it be on the radio, TV, family gatherings, in school, or just CDs on my Walkman. Music has been with me as long as I can remember.



Q2. Who inspired you to be so into music the most?



I'd have to say my guitar teacher, Scott. He really opened up the world of music for me. He taught me how to play guitar and always showed me dope new music every time i saw him. We always had mini jam sessions at the end of our lessons which is something I'll always remember. Shoutouts to Scott for all of the guidance!





Q3. What genre and artists do you listen to often?



I listen to all kinds of music, but Acoustic, Hip-Hop and Reggae are my favorite.



Q4. How many instruments do you play?



My main instrument is guitar, but I also play bass guitar, ukulele, a bit of piano, and because of my Ethnomusicology major at UW I learned some world instruments too. I picked up Afro-Peruvian Cajon, Indonesian Gamelan, West African drum and dance, Spanish-style guitar, Zimbabwean Marimba, and more.



Q5. Which do you like better listening or making music?



I like both. I can't have one without the other.



Q6. When you make music, do you favor of making lyric first, melody first or different method?



It really depends on how the song comes to me. Sometimes I'll hear a melody or a guitar lead in my head and then build chords around it. Other times I'll just play drum beat, add a bassline, and then the melody comes last. The music flows and presents itself in many forms, so I do my best to listen for it : )



Q7. What kind of music are you looking for to create in the future?



I want to write more songs with lyrics and use my vocals more in my recordings. I've been wanting to create more melodies and harmonies in my music, too. I would also like to collaborate with other artists to make some dope music together.




Matt Sablan, aka Sabyu, is a musician and producer born on the island of Saipan. His family moved to Hawai’i and then to Washington State, where he now resides in Seattle. Sabyu’s music is rooted in the Pacific Islands and Pacific Northwest as well as his life experiences, and his music includes both vocal and instrumental styles.
He hopes you vibe to the music and wishes to spread love and positivity to everyone tuning in.
You can find Sabyu on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook and many other sites.


Matt Sablan、通称Sabyu〔サビュー〕はサイパン島生まれの、ミュージシャンでもありプロデューサーである。


Filmed by Junnichi Yano & Monica Katzer